Puma Team Final Socks

As seen on PUMA Football’s top clubs, the Final collection is designed for the highest level of performance. The garments are constructed using lightweight material. Combined with FINAL’s form-fitting cuts and special trims, they fulfill the needs of the games very best athletes.

  • double layer-comfort weld
  • ankle flexible zone
  • ankle cross compression support
  • padded ankle zone
  • grip zone at forefoot and heel
  • mesh for ventilation
  • padded toe
Puma Team Goal 23 Sleeve Socks

The Goal collection combines high-performance materials with modern design to keep your team prepared for the demands of the game at every level.

  • Ankle Brace for Stability
  • Knitted Mesh for Breathability
  • PUMA Cat Branding, Knitted to Sock Front
Puma Team Liga Core Socks

Kit your squad out to reach the top.

  • This collection is for those that enjoy the battle as much as the win.
  • Don’t just believe you’re the best. Be the best.
  • PUMA Cat Branding, Knitted to Sock Front,
  • Cotton Heel and Toe for Comfort.
  • Ankle Brace for Stability